Kim Weisswange
Kim Weisswange

Kim Weisswange develops cosmetics for the Dr. Oldhaver brand   

Kim Weisswange, who was born in South Africa, discovered her love of nature at an early age and on her forays through the African bush was fascinated by the scent of the flowers, grasses and woods. This also explains why she was keen on the idea of developing the unique “African Formula” skincare range for Dr. Oldhaver, using high-quality African ingredients.

After her childhood in South Africa, Kim Weisswange completed her training as a perfumier and aromatherapist in the USA. For 23 years now, she has been creating cosmetic ranges and fragrances for many famous people and well-known manufacturers. Kim Weisswange has applied this extensive knowledge and rich experience to developing the African Formula range of cosmetics for Dr. Oldhaver.

The secret of the high quality of Kim Weisswange’s creations lies in the fact that she only uses the best essential oils and natural fragrances. She knows from personal experience that natural ingredients provide the best long-term nourishment and regeneration for the skin. For her, the most effective ingredients for skin care are vitamin-rich, cold-pressed plant oils, enriched with plant extracts.

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Star Perfumer Kim Weisswange