Face Care
Face Care

Taking care of your face  

A fresh, youthful appearance depends to a large extent on the condition of the skin on our faces. Taking care of your face therefore requires very special attention, Moreover, the skin on the face is the most demanding skin in our bodies and it is permanently exposed to environmental influences.

In order to slow down the aging process of the skin, all-round facial care is required. The basis of proper cleansing is a cleansing routine in the morning and evening. This removes not only any creams and make-up, but also fats in the skin and perspiration. Cleansing prevents the pores from becoming blocked and bacteria cannot multiply. Water alone is not sufficient to remove the fatty mixture of sebum, cream and make-up from the skin. Fat solvents are required, of the sort found in cleansers, for example. Water and oil emulsions are very well suited to cleansing mature skin, as they preserve the protective acidic layer of the skin. Equally suitable are cleansing creams that are enriched with valuable plant oils such as jojoba and marula.

Intensive care of the skin on the face is best provided by a cream that strengthens the lipid film of the skin and binds the moisture into the tissue. For drawn skin, it is also sensible to use a cream with a high vitamin C content, as it stimulates the formation of the collagen fibres in the skin and stimulates cell metabolism. There should also be vitamin E in the cream, as this helps the regeneration of the skin. This regeneration process takes place at night in particular, as the rate of cell division is eight times greater than in the day. The best facial care products consist of plant oils because they are very easily absorbed by the skin. Mineral oils, such as paraffin and liquidum, just lie on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed by it. Dr. Oldhaver therefore only uses plant oils, produced from organic cultivation.

The better the supply of blood to the skin, the better the cream will be absorbed. The cream should therefore be massaged in gently, using upward and circular movements, which also create an additional beneficial effect and enable the skin to regenerate itself more effectively. Around the eyes, the cream should be gently patted in with the tip of the middle finger. It is best to apply the cream to the skin when it is damp, as it is dilated and more absorbent than when it is dry. The neck and cleavage area are often neglected. But from the age of 35, particular attention should be paid to this area as the skin becomes loose and wrinkled particularly quickly here. Cosmetics that contain oils are particularly effective here and they should always be applied to the neck area with the whole of the palm of the hand, from top to bottom.


Anti-Aging Cream  

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