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Body Care  

Ethnoeubiotic skin care products can generally only be applied in a few forms – but these are particularly effective. They include oil, cream, butter and balsam. At their heart are highly effective active plant substances that have been used in natural remedies by the peoples of the earth for centuries. The most important aim of ethnoeubiotic skin care products is to protect the skin against damaging environmental influences and to help to provide moisture and elasticity to prevent premature aging.

A significant cause of skin aging is the fact that the water balance is not regulated properly with advancing age: for everyone, the rate of skin cell division in the epidermis declines from the age of 20. The basal cells produce fewer epithelial cells, which are able to harden on the surface of the epidermis. As a result, it becomes thinner and loses the capacity to store moisture. A youthful, healthy horny layer to the skin that is well supplied with moisture consists of 10 to 15 % water. The horny layer of dry skin, by contrast, contains less than 10 % water.

Moreover, in the dermis, the layer beneath the epidermis, fewer fibre proteins such as elastin and collagen are formed with advancing age. This reduces the supply of blood to them and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients. The connective tissue therefore loses its elasticity and resilience and the subcutaneous fat tissue becomes thinner – wrinkles form.

So anyone who wants to slow down skin aging should always apply sufficient moisture to their skin, ideally with an oil or balsam. For the drier the skin, the earlier wrinkles form. Irrespective of the aging process, however, dry skin is unpleasant. It is taut, has fine pores, is often raw, cracked or flaky, is sensitive in its reaction to changes in the weather and tends to itch. It also looks wrinkled and tired.

The main aim of Dr. Oldhaver’s skin care products is therefore to keep the skin moist, to strengthen the lipid film and to tighten the connective tissue.



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