Asian Formula
Asian Formula

Asian Formula  

The Far East has produced a richness of healing methods. The best known include Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as Tibetan medicine. All remedial methods of the Asian tradition are based on a comprehensive eubiotic approach as well as looking at the source of vitality, the Chi. This wisdom, which originally comes from the Middle East, has spread throughout India, Thailand, Korea, China, Indonesia and all the way to Japan and forms the basis of traditional medicine in all these countries.

An essential feature of Asian medicine is the combination - the healthy preservation of body and soul at the same time. We find this eubiotic approach in most cultures of Asia – often reinforced by religious convictions. In most countries of Asia, medicine which is based on natural medicine knowledge is widespread and is accepted and practiced by the majority of the population.

Traditional Indian Medicine, which is called Ayurveda, emphasizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that are important for health. Here, above all, the following are used: synchronized massages and relaxing oil treatments. Together with individually designed dietetics and life skills, in connection with the application of highly efficient medicinal plants, Ayurveda is considered to be an eubiotically based holistic healing system which presents good results particularly in the field of prevention and with chronic and vegetative ailments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) assumes that man must be in harmony in order to master illness and be able to recover. Here, yin and yang are seen as two counter poles which give rise to and complement each other in permanent rhythmical rivalry. The huge treasure of the Chinese medical science is famous, which comprises about 515 substances, mostly of herbal origin. Other methods of treatment in the eubiotic overall concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine include acupuncture, meanwhile also practiced by German physicians, as well as massage techniques like "Shiatsu" or motion exercises like "Qigong".

The traditional Tibetan medicine approach goes for the causes of illness in a targeted manner. Here, herbs, juices, tinctures and gemstones are used. A specific feature is that every herbal pill is designed in such a manner that 80 percent of the ingredients have a directly curative effect and 20 percent prevent possible over-reactions. The eubiotic approach is also to be emphasized here: disease and health begin and end with attitude. According to this, the healing process should not merely aim at pure treatment of the symptoms but also separately search out the causes in the personality and mind of the person afflicted.

The Asian Formula preparations of Dr. Oldhaver are inspired by traditional Asian medicine and its holistic eubotic approach to man.


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