Healthy and beautiful – by the wisdom of the peoples of our earth.  

Eubiotics - the science of a healthy life for body and soul – has numerous facets. In the various regions of our earth, it is based on the versatile flora and the cultural specific features of the respective peoples. Out of this results a variety of the most different cures and care formulas.

Ethnoeubiotic combines the holistic approach of eubiotics with the natural knowledge of the peoples of the continents and, from this, derives new methods to foster health and beauty.

The result are ethnoeubioticals, meaning nutritional supplements and organic cosmetics as well as nutricosmetics products which are based on

the knowledge of the peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia as well as the Arctic and Pacific regions and that exploit the highly effective active ingredients of the respective continents.     

The emblems of the ethnoeubiotic formulas symbolize the effect at which the products of Dr. Oldhaver are aimed: The protecting shield and the defensive weapons stand for the preservation of vitality and beauty as well as the fight against harmful influence. 

You can find out more about the respective traditional knowledge by clicking on the corresponding continents on the map of the world.