Anti Aging
Anti Aging

Systematically slowing down the aging process  

The desire for eternal youth is as old as humanity itself. However, the urge to slow down or delay the biological aging process should not be dismissed as a passing fad of the elite. After all, taking steps to prevent aging can contribute to maintaining your enjoyment and quality of life as long as possible – be it through healthy eating or taking proper care of your body – and can even help to extend life as a whole. The current status of scientific knowledge accepts that, under ideal conditions, human beings can live to the age of 120.

Fundamentally, scientists in the field of biogerontology are convinced that the process of physical aging is determined by several factors. Of course, genetic causes cannot be influenced. According to scientific research into twins, 30 to 70 % of life expectancy is determined by genes. In addition, the fact that in the course of one’s life the production of various hormones in the body declines continuously makes a significant contribution to the aging process and to diseases such as dementia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and cancer.

Aging that is determined by lifestyle and environmental factors that have been proven to slow down or accelerate the process, on the other hand, can be influenced. For example, smoking, high levels of alcohol consumption, not enough sleep, obesity, stress and even exposure to too much noise and environmental pollution have a negative effect. It is also possible to have a positive influence on biochemical aging. In this process, free radicals play the key role. They are produced as waste products of the metabolism and are considered to be potentially damaging to cells. By taking certain vitamins, lipoic acid or selenium, these free radicals can be rendered harmless, at least to some extent, and the aging process slows down as a result. For example, folic acid (a B vitamin) has been shown in several studies to have a beneficial effect against cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes.

A visible external sign of aging is the change in the skin, which starts from about the age of 25 and eventually becomes visible, usually in the form of wrinkles. The cause of this is the fact that the speed of cell renewal slows down and the ability of the skin to retain moisture diminishes. Through the effect of the enzyme collagenase, more and more collagen is broken down in deeper layers of the skin as you age. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity.

The anti-aging products of Dr. Oldhaver are designed to have a systematic, beneficial effect on the aging process wherever possible, by means of the careful use of nutritional supplements and skin care treatments.


Green Leaves and Vegetables  

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Anti-Aging Cream  

Test Dr. Oldhaver's new Anti-Aging Cream with luxurious Marula Oil

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