Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements

Nutritional supplements   

Health and beauty treatments with the knowledge of our world - This theme is especially true for the food supplement by Dr. Oldhaver. Because sometimes we wonder why people from other cultures are often way ahead of us in terms of natural beauty and vitality.

Whether environmental pollutants, smoking and high alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, overeating, or noise pollution and stress: These factors are also present in non-industrialized countries and the phenomenon may explain rapid physical decline in the Western world only in part.

The Ethnoeubiotic therefore assumes that premature aging is also due to shortages caused by the fact that many nutrients due to poor nutrition cannot be absorbed sufficiently. Although we now have a wider variety of foods, they are labeled on the other side by a lack of important nutrients. Therefore sometimes micronutrients that are important to our vitality and outer beauty are lacking.

For indigenous peoples, there are no such deficiencies. They consume these vital nutrients in their natural diet. Native plants will provide valuable substances that exert prophylactic effects, and get welfare and natural beauty often well into old age. Develop and exploit the wisdom of indigenous peoples and benefit from the amazing effect of Dr. Oldhavers ethnoeubiotic preparations!



The aging process starts inside the human cell. The Anti-Aging products of Dr. Oldhaver therefore place their emphasis on cell health and cell supply.

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