Go Green Engl
Go Green Engl

Our contribution to climate protection   

Dr. Oldhaver dispatches nearly all of its packages through one logistics partner, DHL, and participates in its Go Green climate protection programme. Dr. Oldhaver GmbH covers the additional costs of 5 cents per package that are incurred as a result.

With Go Green, DHL guarantees CO2-neutral transportation of your package. This means that the CO2 emissions created in transit are measured by means of a certified process and offset by climate protection projects that meet the Kyoto requirements. These include a biogas project in Gundorf, several small solar energy projects in Sri Lanka and India and the construction of a solar power plant for the DHL air transport hub in Leipzig.

In addition, as part of the Go Green climate protection programme DHL uses alternative vehicles and fuels to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by transporting packages.

You can find out more about Go Green here.