We consider responsible thinking and action as an essential requirement for the trust of our customers. We therefore always provide products that meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. 

Responsibility, last but not least, means to be willing to be assessed in comparison with others and to be open for criticism and suggestions. We are willing because we believe in our vision and in our products!   

In addition, we feel that enterprises also bear social responsibility. Therefore, Dr. Oldhaver GmbH supports projects which contribute to the improvement of life and environmental conditions in developing countries as well as projects to support the indigenous peoples and those that conduct research into their physiatrics. An example is the participation in Go Green, the climate protection program of our logistics partner DHL.

Another example is the commitment of the Dr. Oldhaver GmbH for the approved non-profit "Society for Ethnoeubiotik e.V". It supports the preservation and study of traditional medicinal plants in developing countries by promoting local medical gardens and young scientists.

Please refer to our sustainability report for a precise overview of the projects supported by Dr. Oldhaver.


Climate Protection with Go Green  

Protection of exotic medical plants!  

Find out more about the "Society of Ethnoeubiotic".