Questions + Answers  

What are ethnoeubiotic products, preparations and/or ethnoeubioticals?  

Ethnoeubioticals are nutritional supplements and organic cosmetics as well as nutricosmetics preparations that are based on the knowledge and experience of the indigenous peoples.

Has the efficacy of ethnoeubiotic preparations and organic cosmetics been proven?  

Dr. Oldhaver only uses ingredients that are approved for the European Union and which have been proven in studies.

Can different formulas also be used in combination?  

Merely the origin of the primarily used ingredients and the origin of the fundamental traditional physiatrics are indicated in the respective formula. Hence, of course preparations with different formulas can be used in combination.

What speaks against preparations and organic cosmetics which are based on local ingredients?  

Nothing. Of course, native plants and natural active ingredients provide excellent assistance in many cases. The philosophy of Dr. Oldhaver is to complement this local experiences and organic cosmetics with ethnoeubiotic preparations in a sensible manner, and in those areas where, up to now, there has been a deficit or where there are better or more efficient active ingredients available from different continents.

What is special about Dr. Oldhaver organic cosmetics?  

Dr. Oldhaver organic cosmetics processes valuable plants, particularly from exotic countries which have already been playing an important role for many years in skin care and beauty applications among the indigenous peoples there. We use no chemical-synthetic scents, colorants and preservatives.

Are there different products for different types of skin?  

We do not divide skin into different types, but we treat the skin as a single organ. Natural ethnoeubiotic cosmetics often come in just a few forms (e.g. oil, balm, cream), which effectively support the skin in its self-protection and self-healing processes. These cosmetic products are suitable for all skin types.

Is Dr. Oldhaver natural cosmetics suitable for both sexes?  

Yes, they are unisex products.

Are the products suitable for diabetics?  

At the Dr. Oldhaver preparations the bread units per capsule are under 0.01.

Can you open the capsules and remove the content?  

Most dietary supplements by Dr. Oldhaver have capsules which can be opened by pulling apart, allowing the content to be taken with water.

Where are Dr. Oldhaver products available?  

The products of Dr. Oldhaver are available only at specialist stores with consultation function. That is, in well stocked health food stores, pharmacies, organic stores and perfumeries. However, one can also buy the products of Dr. Oldhaver directly through the on-line shop, right here.