African Formula engl.
African Formula engl.

AFRICAN FORMULA – Beauty products with the finest active ingredients from Africa  

With its abundance of highly effective natural plant substances, the African continent is the cradle of many traditional beauty treatments. Dr. Oldhaver combines traditional natural remedies from Africa with the latest discoveries of modern science to create the highly effective ethnoeubiotic products in the African Formula range.

The African Formula range of cosmetics have been created in close collaboration with the renowned natural cosmetics expert Kim Weisswange. The innovative and unique qualities of the African Formula cosmetics are based on the combination of a variety of active ingredients and essential oils from various regions on the continent of Africa. At the heart of every product in the range is the precious oil of the marula tree, produced by ecological cultivation in Swaziland. It is regarded as one of the most effective beauty products in Africa, but is currently not very well known in Europe. This can be explained by the high price, which is the result of the very laborious process of obtaining the marula oil – the seeds are removed from the fruit by hand; and the amount of oil produced in this way is very small.

The high vitamin C, palmitic acid and stearic acid levels in marula oil strengthen the skin’s own lipid film and act as a natural fountain of youth. In all three treatments, Kim Weisswange has enriched this precious substance with other valuable ingredients, such as jojoba oil, shea butter and the essential oils of orange and atlas cedar to create innovative products, the ingredients of which complement and fortify one another perfectly.

All African Formula cosmetic products are dermatologically tested and bear the quality seal “kontrollierte Naturkosmetik” (“verified natural cosmetic”) of the BDIH, the German association for pharmaceuticals, health care products, food supplements and personal hygiene products.



African Formula Beauty range  

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