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African Formula  

Africa is a continent radiating with the joy of life. Its inhabitants are known for their vitality and virility. Traditional African medicine is one of the oldest natural medicine fields in the world. It distinguishes itself by its holistic eubiotic approach as well as its powerful combative elements.

An essential element of African traditional medicine is that of phytotherapy - the use of plants for medical purposes. A lot more emphasis is placed on this in Africa than in the "western world“. On account of its varied climate and vegetation zones, the African continent offers an almost inexhaustible source of effective medicinal plants and high grade cosmetics ingredients to this end. Many African medicinal plants have been discredited during the colonial age, so that their health-promoting effects were discounted. However, they are meanwhile attracting increasing interest once more and are being systematically investigated.

Drugs alone are insufficient for healing, according to the principles of traditional African medicine. In its eubiotic approach, psychotherapy, i.e. the healing of mind and soul, is at least as important in Africa, as a surgical, physical or pharmacological intervention. An African healer sees himself as mediator between the physical healing power (drug) and the subconscious of the patient. According to this approach, a person can only be cured once his or her "internal balance“ has been restored.

The African Formula preparations of Dr. Oldhaver are inspired by traditional African medicine and its holistic eubotic approach to man.