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Dr. Mathias Oldhaver
Founder and Managing Director of Dr. Oldhaver GmbH

Dr. Oldhaver   

Dr. Mathias Oldhaver is the founder and managing director of Dr. Oldhaver GmbH. For many years, he worked in an executive position at large health insurance companies and therefore, during this time, was able to investigate the causes and consequences of disease right at the source.

"People often get ill because they attach too little meaning to prophylaxis“, says Dr. Oldhaver. Then, there is the fundamental problem of our health care system: Investments go primarily to the field of therapy, which is the core of scientific interest. Research still places too little significance on prophylaxis, meaning the prevention of diseases.

The health counter-model has been studied by Dr. Oldhaver on his numerous trips through all continents and in making contact with people of the most different origins:
Above all, the primitive peoples trust in their ancient medicine that has been preserved through the millenniums and essentially places its emphasis on prevention. Oldhaver: "Once illness actually broke out, this frequently meant the end of life for the ailing person. A bushman who falls ill on his hunting trips through the steppe, which last for several days, is basically lost.”

This knowledge inspired Dr. Oldhaver to launch his ethnoeubiotic product range which he develops together with acknowledged experts from the fields of medicine, biotechnology and cosmetics.